Shahid Edoardo Agnelli


Shahid Edoardo Agnelli, only son of Fiat Giovanni Agnelli accepted Islam and became Shiite Moslem after acquaintance with Iranian authorities in Italy. 


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  • -Biography

    Edoardo Agnelli was born on June 1954 in New York to Italian parents. His father, senator Giovanni Agnelli a famous and rich man in Italy was Christian and his mother, Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto was a Jewish princess.

    Edoardo Agnelli was only son of senator Agnelli and the owner of automobile factories, Fiat, Ferrari, Lancia, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Iveco and also factories producing industrial parts, many private Banks, companies of fashion, design and clothes, important published newspapers such as (LASTAMPA) and (CorriereDellaSera), the clod-house of Ferrari motoring and the Juventus football club. In addition there are many building constructions and road construction companies, medical equipment and helicopter production companies in which his family are the main shareholders. The amount of his family's wealth and influence are so great that the press in Italy calls them the Italian royal family.

    He had converted to Islam and chose the named “Hisham Aziz”. In 1980, he became a Shiite Moslem and was named “Mahdi”.

    On November 2000, Edoardo Agnelli was martyred in a suspect accident.


  • +Interested in mysticism

    Edoardo Agnelli served briefly on the board of directors of the family-owned soccer team, but was more interested in mysticism than in making cars.
    Edoardo completed his school education in Italy and for higher education he travelled to England. He went to the Atlantic College and after that he continued his studies in Princeton University in the United States in the field of Theology and Eastern Philosophy in which he was able to obtain his PhD.
    At the age of 20, he saw Quran and studied some of its pages. He said this could not be written by human and converted to Islam. He was named "Hisham Aziz". "Muhammad Is-haq Abdollahi" one of his friends relates, "Edoardo would stay up many nights and study the Quran untill morning." 
  • +"Choice of the name "Mahdi

    After becoming a Moslem, Edoardo had met "Mohammad Hasan Ghadiri Abyaneh" and became a Shiite Moslem. Ghadiri Abyaneh was a member of the Iranian embassy at that time. His acquaintance with Dr Ghadiri was after a press conference of Ghadiri Abyaneh in Itallian TV.
    Dr Ghadiri Abyaneh said: "on a Sunday when I was at the residence of the Embassy, the gatekeeper of the Embassy informed me that there was an Italian young man who wanted to see me. I told him to tell the young man to come back the next day but after some minutes the gatekeeper told me that the young man says "God opens every closed door." I therefore told them to let him in and went to meet him. He was a tall, thin young man with an old motorcycle and he introduced himself as Edoardo Agnelli. Without expecting a positive answer I asked him whether he was related to the famous Agnelli family and to my surprise he said that he was their son."
    When Mr "Fakhrodin Hejazi" visited Italy in 1980 and met Edoardo. He asked Edoardo to confirm his becoming a Shiite once more and after Edoardo confirmed the fact, he chose the name "Mahdi" for him. 
  • +Travel to Iran

    Edoardo often travel to "India", "Pakistan", "Libya" and "Iran". He traveled to Iran many times and on March 1981 he went to see "Imam Khomeini", and it was during that meeting session "Imam" had kissed his forehead. He participated in Friday prayers.

    He also had a trip to Mashhad and visited the holy shrine of "Imam Reza". The first time he visited "Imam Reza" he was told that whatever wish he may have shall be granted by the Imam because it was his first "Ziyarat" and when asked about his wish, he had answered that he had asked for his father’s love and kindness towards him.


  • +Planning to discard Edoardo Agnelli

    From the beginning of his youth he had no desire to manage his father's wealth according to his father's methods and he was only in charge of the "Juventus" football club for a few years before they replaced him with his cousin. 
    Towards the end of the 80's concerning talks about a successor for Senator Agnelli as the central leadership for Fiat, Edoardo was considered as inappropriate due to his religious views, but since he was the rightful successor they had to find a good reason for putting him aside. Around this time the media announced that Edoardo had been arrested in a city in Kenya charged with carrying 300g of heroin. The charge was completely false and the Kenyan Police and Court soon realized their mistake. But the Italian media which were mainly under the influence of his family continued the charges and some even called him a smuggler and claimed that his freedom was due to his father's power and influence. Later, even though some of the media admitted their mistake, the rumours had made the general public tendency in favour of a successor other than Edoardo.
  • +Choice of Jewish successor instead of Edoardo Agnelli

    In the early 90's his cousin, "Jovanni Amperto" was chosen as successor. Edoardo was not against that decision and even congratulated his cousin on his new position advising him not to become a toy in the hands of money-hungry, worldly people. But some years later "Jovanni" died young because of an unknown kind of cancer. (the interesting thing was that Georgo, the brother of senator Agnelli had died young many years ago, a suspicious death, and all his wealth had been divided between the others). Very soon after his death the head committee, chose "Jacob Alkan", Edoardo's Jewish nephew, as the new successor. That decision greatly alarmed Edoardo. This time he did not remain silent and when he found out that his family was trying to change Jacob's surname from Alkan to Agnelli, severely opposed the decision and did not let that happen.


  • +Pressure for leaving Islam

    In the 90's Edoardo had no responsibilities in any part of his family's organizations and spent most of his time reading, travelling, working as a journalist and being involved in humanitarian activities. His father had threatened that if he did not forget his Islamic beliefs Edoardo would inherit nothing after his father's death, but he was prepared to forget his "million-dollar" inheritance rather than forget Islam. His family was continually putting him under severe pressure to desert Islam, but they never succeeded.


  • +Martyrdom or Suicide

    The body of Edoardo Agnelli, was discovered on the 15th of November 2000, beneath a viaduct on the outskirts of Turin. His car, a Fiat Croma, was on the bridge. Giovanni Agnelli identified his son at the scene.
    The death was considered by Italian investigators to have been suicide. 
    In the morning before incident, Edoardo casually spook; before leaving his home, he went to a kitchen and told that what was cook for lunch which he did regularly.
    Shortly after it was claimed that he was killed by the enemies of Islam.

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