Shahid Beheshti


Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti, as one of the 7th Tir martyr was the first chairman of the State Supreme Court after islamic revolution and the secretary general of the Islamic Republic Party.


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  • -Biography

    Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti was born in a district called "Lomban" in Isfahan "Chaharsouq" district on October 24, 1928. He was born in a family whose members were familiar with Islamic values.

    His father was one of Isfahan’s Alems and prayer leader of "Lomban" mosque who went to the village once a week in order to preach and solve the problems of people and establish the community prayers. His maternal grandfather the late "Haj Mir Mohammad Sadiq Modarres Khatunabadi", was one of the leading authorities on divine law.

    Martyr Beheshti studied Religious Sciences in "Qom" under greate teachers like: "Ayatollah Mohaghegh Yazdi", "Imam Khomeini" and "Ayatollah Boroujerdi" and the others. Acquaintance with "Allameh Tabatabayee" affected on his life. In addition, he recieved PhD of "Philosophy" in 1959.

    He was an effective leaders in islamic revolution; Through the command of "Imam Khomeini" he was chosen and appointed as the chairman of the Supreme Court. He founded the Islamic Republic Party.

    Finally martyr Beheshti was martyred on 28 Juan 1981 with 72 members of the Islamic Republic party.


  • +Education

    With four years of age, Martyr Beheshti Starting study at "Maktabkhane" (it was a kind of school to learn Quran which started much sooner than 7 years old for children). He was so genius that he learned how to recite Quran and how to read and write in a very short time. 
    Left high school and entered to "Hawzeh"
    After spending elementary education, Martyr Beheshti went to "Sadi" high school in Isfahan. He left high school at the end of second year of high school in 1942 to study Islamic Sciences. He entered to "Sadr" hawzeh (Islamic School) and studying up to "Kafaeeyeh" level. 
    Departing to "Qom" to complete the studies
    In 1946, martyr Beheshti departed to "Qom" and continued studies in "Howzeh Elmieh". He completed the rest of his studies in religious subjects in the two levels of "Kafaeeyeh" and "Makaseb".
    He started the lesson of "Kharej" (A subject of religious lessons which is taught in"Howzeh Elmieh"). He took this course with "Ayatollah Mohaghegh Yazdi", "Imam Khomeini" and "Ayatollah Boroujerdi" as his teachers. He also took some courses with "Ayatollah Mohammad-Taghi Khansari".
    Study "Philosophy" 
    After taking diploma without participating in classes, Martyr Beheshti decided to continue new sciences in 1948. So he entered the university of "Maghool and Manghool" (Theological and Islamic Education University) to study "Philosophy". 
    Acquaintance with "Allameh Tabatabayee" and Refusing scholarship 
    In 1951, martyr Beheshti could graduate from university and receive BA in "Philosophy". He was accepted in scholarship tests of students in order to be sent to universities in abroad. At this year he acquainted with "Allameh Tabatabayee". He refused the scholarship and started lessons with "Allameh Tabatabayee". 
    During 1950-1951 he was in Tehran and at the end of mentioned year he returned to "Qom" again and this time he officially started his teaching at "Hakim Nezami" high school as an English teacher. 
    PhD of "Philosophy" 
    Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti continued his education and received PhD of "Philosophy" in 1959. His thesis was about "the problems of Mabad ul Tabi’e in Quran".
  • +Establishing "Haghani" school

    The idea of organizing the theological center and arranging the syllabus of it for years was in Martyr Beheshti’s mind whose result was foundation of "Haghani" or "Montazerieh" school. He established it in 1963.
    In winter of the same year he was fired from teaching for a period of time. At the same time he had to leave "Qom" and going to Tehran under the pressure of "SAVAC".
  • +Member of "Motalefeh" council

    In 1963, Martyr Beheshti participated in religious jurisprudence council of "Motalefeh" councils (Motalefeh council was a party which opposed government at that time) with "Ayatollah Motahhari".  


  • +Travel to German and Islamic Activities

    Martyr Beheshti departed for Germany in order to administer "Hamburg Mosque" following insistence of "Ayatollah Haeri" and "Ayatollah Khansari" in 1965. He changed the name of "Hamburg Mosque of Iranians" to "Hamburg Islamic Center". He also established Central Union of Islamic Associations of Persian Speaking University Students. 


  • +Political Activities

    In 1969, he traveled to "Mecca" (for Hajj), "Syria", "Lebanon" and "Turkey" to visit "Imam Mousa Sadr". He also traveled to "Iraq" to visit "Imam Khomeini".  
    At the same time, he invited to the first seminar of students in "Hamburg Mosque". Due to the political activities against "Phahlavi", he had to leave "German".
    He returned to Iran in 1970 and continued research activities. He held meetings about commentaries on Quran which was namely "the School of Quran" on Saturdays. But the meetings were closed by SAVAC after 15 weeks.
  • +"Establishing "Rouhaniat Mobarez Tehran

    He established some centers for doing organizational activities against the government in 1976. He made lots of efforts to establish the party under the name of "Rouhaniat Mobarez Tehran" with "Ayatollah Motahhari", "shahid Mofatteh", "Ayatollah Emami Kashani" and "Hojjat-Ol-eslam Maleki". The name of the council was previously "Combatant Clerics in Shemiran". In 1977, "Rouhaniat Mobarez Tehran" was established. 


  • +"Form "Islamic Revolution Council

    In 1978, he met "Imam Khomeini" in Paris and participated "Islamic Revolution Council" with "Ayatollah Motahhari", "Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani", "Ayatollah Khamenei" (leader of Islamic Republic), "Ayatollah Taleghani" and others. He announced existence of the party on February 18, 1979. 


  • +Shahid Beheshti, a member of Khobregan constitution

    He became a member in "Khobregan Majlis" to write constitution on December, 1979. He took part in the election of Leadership "Khobregan Majlis", and as a vice president of Majlis he dealt with managing the affairs, preparing and forming the Constitution.


  • +Found the Islamic Republic Party

    As an intellectual person in the revolution’s council martyr Beheshti wanted to organize and arrange the affairs. Regarding this mentioned fact he founded the Islamic Republic Party. 


  • +Martyrdom

    On June 28th 1981, (7th Tir 1360), after Namaz –Maqrib and Esha while giving lecture, Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti was martyred in a bomb explosion in central office of Islamic Republic Party with 72 officials of pure and faithful of Islamic Revolution government.
    He was buried in "Behesht-e Zahra Tomb".
  • +Imam Khomeini stated about "7th Tir" event

    The part of Imam Khomeini’s message on the occasion of martyrdom of Beheshti and 72 Fellowships is: "…Iranian nation lost 72 innocent people in this event and the number is the same as it was in Karbala. Iranian nation is proud of presenting such persons who devoted themselves in the way of Islam and Muslims.
    Although we have lost faithful and dear friends, that each of them was like a strong and precious shield for the oppressed people, and although we have lost responsible brothers who were like a steady dike for oppressed people and revolutionary organizations, but our people will make up every shortage by unity and trust in the Almighty Allah…"

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