Shahid Andarzgoo


Martyr Seyyed Ali Andarzgoo was one of the executors of the revolutionary assassination of Hassanali Mansoor. He was martyred by "SAVAK" on August 1978.


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  • -Biography

    Martyr Seyyed Ali Andarzgoo was born in Ramadan of 1939 in Tehran.

    Poverty and hardship of livelihood made him to leave education to work, but at the same time he turned to religious sciences and accomplished "Fiqh" and "Usol" courses.

    Martyr Seyyed Ali Andarzgoo better known as "Shaikh Abbas Tehrani" made acquaintance with Martyr "Navab Safavi", leader of the "Fadaiyan-e Eslam", in his adolescence and started fighting against "Shah" along with the "Fadaiyan-e Eslam".

    Martyr Andarzgoo was one of the planners and executors of the revolutionary assassination of Hassanali Mansoor. In the afternoon of the 19th day of Ramadan 1357 (August 1978), while he was fasting, he was martyred and his name was added to the roster of the martyrs of the Islamic revolution.


  • +Political Activities

    During the uprising of June 5, 1963, martyr Andarzgoo joined anti-Regime struggles and so was pursued and then comprehended by SAVAK hirelings.
    Martyr Andarzgoo suffered savage tortures but remained steadfast in his way. After release, he joined the military branch of Islamic Motalefeh (Islamic Coalition). 
    Andarzgoo played a colorful role in importing weapons to the country for the sake of armed struggle and, accordingly, he conducted some trips to other countries.
  • +"Revolutionary assassination of "Hassanali Mansoor

    At the first action, Martyr Andarzgoo took part in revolutionary execution of "Hassan Ali Mansour", the pro-American subservient and the contributor to the passage of Capitulation and Imam Khomeini’s exile. Despite being as young as 19, Martyr Andarzgoo played a prominent role in the assassination. Andarzgoo disappeared after killing that traitor, and was condemned in absentia and sentenced to death by a court.    


  • +Start of Secret Life

    After revolutionary assassination of "Hassanali Mansoor", martyr Andarzgoo forced to constantly move from one place to another. In order to avoid being identified by "SAVAK", he was to appear in public in different disguises and with different pseudonyms. 
    At a time when the "SAVAK" and all security and police forces were everywhere searching every street, alley and borough in every town and city for an armed fugitive by the name of Seyyed Ali Andarzgoo (known as Shaikh Abbas Tehrani), he escaped to "Iraq". He did with the confidence that a brave, faithful person can have, taking steps to carry out his tasks, deceiving the police and escaping their traps. Whenever police were able to find a trace of him, he would be gone before the Savak raids. He travelled to "Qom", "Mashhad", "Afghanistan", "Syria" and "Lebanon". Most of the time, he fled taking his family with him. He had several valid identification cards.  
    If arrested, martyr Andarzgoo could be a source of valuable information. However, he had told his friends and had emphasized that he would not be trapped by the enemy, alive.  
  • +Martyrdom

     After years of chase and escape, 13 years, SAVAK eventually located him and recognized that he was invited to house of a friend in the eve of Ramadan 19. The place was surrounded and Martyr Andarzgoo who found no way of escape swallowed the documents he was doing in order to avoid them being accessed by "SAVAK".
    The Regime officers could injure him after an armed conflict. During this struggle on August 24, 1978, the eminent Martyr Andarzgoo, only 39, was martyred and reached his old aspiration while he was still fasting.

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